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soap scrubs

We customize our soaps, and
lotions with your favorite
fragrance, color, and herbs.

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Bridal & Custom Gifts

soap scrubs. 

We make customized bridal gifts, personal gifts, bed & bath
welcome kits, and much more.

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cusomized oils

Your favorite fragrance or essential
oil can be added to any one
of our products for you

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Soaps * Salts * Salves * Scrubs

We customize our soaps, scrubs, bath salts and lotions with your favorite fragrance, color, and herbs.

Beware: Chemicals in commercial soaps are no joke.

Watch out for these 3 chemicals: Parabens: These are hormone disrupter and can cause reproductive difficulties. Sulfates: These strip the skin of its oils and can cause eczema. Triclosan: This can create dioxin, a component of Agent Orange!

About Soaps For You

Handmade (Natural) vs Manufactured Soap
Small batches
No synthetic ingredients
Butters and oils can be changed to suit taste
Glycerin stays with soap
Economics of Handmade
Cross uses—hair, face, body
Family Use
Saves money
Allergy retardant
Known ingredients
Real soap
No preservatives/synthethics
Popular & Frequent Customer Comments
Improved skin suppleness & softness
Relieved itchiness
Reduced dryness

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