Original Lye Black Soap

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Soap is cut to order in $5, $7, $9, $12 cubes.  Please specify or $7 cut is default. Great for skin issues like eczema, and acne.  Use all over is mild and unfragranced.

Why I Highly Recommend Lye Black Soap 

When I finished college in 1973 and was on my way to enjoying my new-found freedom... all HELL broke out on my skin!
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It started on my chin, then my jaws, neck and down my back. It was awful!!  After 3 different skin doctors, and no solutions, I went back to the basics.  

Remembering to when I grew up we made our own soap, using the black iron pot in the backyard.  We bathed, shampooed, washed dishes and cleaned clothes with our home made lye soap.  

None of the 8 girls and 3 boys ever had skin problems. So I started making the same soap I grew up with, and have never looked back! My face, scalp and body healed quickly,  Now at age 67, I still have that 23 year old complexion.

Beware of Commercial Soaps
Chemicals in commercial soaps are no joke.

Watch out for these 3 chemicals: 

1. Parabens
These are hormone disrupter and can cause reproductive difficulties.

2. Sulfates
These strip the skin of its oils and can cause eczema.

3. Triclosan
This can create dioxin, a component of Agent Orange!

Black Soap $7.00

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